What is NutriNiños?

"I'm hungry", said the small, but irritated child in response to the teacher's admonition to pay attention. After composing herself, the teacher offered the pupil some crackers she had been saving in her purse. Thus began the first step in our journey to see to it that every child is fed physically and spiritually.

NutriNiños ministers to the whole child. It provides meals, Bible instruction, and homework reinforcement to hundreds of poverty stricken Dominican, Haitian, and Cuban children each week.

Your donation of just $99 a year ( $129) enables an impoverished child to receive the help he or she needs to thrive - even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Three Benefits of NutriNiños

basic nutrition

NutriNiños feeds children living in poverty. Whether the child lives in a village in the Dominican Republic or a housing project in Havana, Cuba, NutriNiños is there to meet their most basic need.


The feeding time includes Bible instruction, prayer, and praise & worship. Children receive Christ and learn to walk in His ways, and grow into strong Christians able to change and impact the world around them.


Where possible, NutriNiños hosts classes conducted by accredited teachers to reinforce the lessons children learn throughout the week in school in order to develop strong minds and academic achievers.

who is Josie Pensinger?

Josie grew up in southern California in a large family of Mexican descent. Not long after accepting Christ at age 17, she was thrust into full time ministry as a pastor’s wife. She has effectively ministered and lived in four states and five countries, including the Dominican Republic. Today, she is the founding vice president of Dominican Advance and oversees all of its operations. Her most recent accomplishment is bringing NutriNiños to needy children and families in Cuba.