Sponsor a Child Today!

For Only $39 a Month or $449 a year

 $45 a Month or $520 a Year 

Three reasons to become a sponsor


Changes a Child's Future

Opportunity for a brighter future begins with education and inspiration. Sponsorship gives a child a 65% greater chance of achieving his or her dream. One child's achievements change the future of an entire family.

Satisfies a Giving Heart

Whether they pursue a relationship with their child or not, each and every sponsor sees their investment in their child's life as a source of personal satisfaction and joy.

Builds a World Community

Sponsorship is one of the most powerful means of removing barriers and building bridges across geographic, political, and cultural borders. Your sponsorship says to a child "I care and believe in you".

"Scholarships for Champions" Child Sponsorship Program


What Is Scholarships for Champions?

Dominican Advance provides quality Christian education to Impoverished Dominican children through its Scholarship for Champions sponsorship program. Our outstanding schools are the only semi-private, Christian schools recognized by the Dominican Ministry of Education. 

What Do I Receive as a Sponsor?

As a sponsor, your greatest reward is the satisfaction of knowing you are providing a brighter future for a child in the Dominican Republic. You also receive correspondence from your sponsor child three times a year. This includes his or her official school picture in the uniform, letters or artwork depending on the child's age and his or her progress report. All correspondence is translated into English or French.

What Does My Sponsorship Provide?

Your sponsorship provides your child with all they need to take advantage of the opportunity a quality education affords. Your child receives a uniform, textbooks, and school supplies. More importantly, your sponsorship helps fund our exceptional school program.

Can I Develop a Relationship With My Child?

The best way to develop a relationship with your sponsor child is to visit them and their family in the Dominican! In addition, there are several ways to stay in touch: send a letter that will be translated here and hand delivered to their child, send a gift package (shipping costs extra), and/or email a picture of yourself to be printed out and given to your child - the children love pictures!