What About You?

Come to the land that Columbus called "the most beautiful place on earth"! Choose from a wide variety of projects including: work in schools, medical clinics, churches, do construction, evangelism, prayer walks, teach and preach and much more... Help some of the world's most needy and friendly people. All this for a suggested donation of only $700 ( $900) per person (includes room, food & services, not flight) when you schedule your mission trip with Dominican Advance.



What the Team Hosting Package Includes

What We Do So You Don't Have To:

  • We handle all of the "on-ground" arrangements such as lodging, food, and transportation
  • We facilitate your impact by doing the preliminary leg work including working closely with you on a schedule that fits your team's talents and ambitions
  • Dominican Advance provides interpreters for communication into Spanish from English

What You Can Expect Upon Arrival:

  • Double occupancy, air conditioned, all inclusive accommodations on the beach 
  • Friendly hotel staff that speaks English, and dedicated Dominican Advance personnel side by side with you on your mission
  • Safe and secure transportation to and from the airport and work sites

 Three reasons to do missions in the DR

Superior Accommodations

A mission trip with Dominican Advance is NOT a straw mat and mosquito net affair! You and your team will stay at an all-inclusive beach hotel with swimming pools, buffet and a la carte dining, and with plenty of unique settings for your debriefings and prayer times. Perfect for 1st time missionaries.

The Dominican People

Dominicans are some of the most friendly, genuine, and grateful people on the planet! Whether it's the smiling faces of the enthusiastic children, the sweet and generous disposition of their parents or the vibrancy of the youth - you'll experience a lasting heart connection with the Dominican people.

Real & Lasting Impact

The Sosua/Puerto Plata area is a bee hive of missionary activity. This benefits your team in two important ways: 1) There are numerous projects to choose from, 2) When you return, you'll see the progress you helped produce. Bringing a team to the DR means lasting impact on the ground and in the lives of your team members.

Take the First Step

The first step to bringing a mission team to the Dominican Republic is to contact us. You may use the handy form on this page or email us at info@dominicanadvance.org

Please tell us such things as the projected size of your team, month you would like to come down, and your team's particular focus. You may expect to hear from us within 48 hours.

Please note that the team size minimum is 10 people. There is no maximum but teams of more than 20 people may incur additional costs.


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