Dominican Advance

Dominican Advance provides opportunity for a brighter future to impoverished people in the Dominican Republic by educating children, empowering entrepreneurs, and equipping Christian leaders. 

Nearly all of Dominican Advance's schools and programs successfully operate in areas where household incomes are little more than a dollar a day per person. Our work brings good news, hope, and a future to those trapped in a generational cycle of poverty and ignorance.

Dr. Kim & Josie Pensinger   President & Vice President Dominican Advance, Inc.

Dr. Kim & Josie Pensinger

President & Vice President
Dominican Advance, Inc.

Our Mission

Educate Children

Dominican Advance's schools for quality Christian education are among the most highly regarded in the entire country. International TV & radio personalities, missionaries, educators and pastors have praised the program.

Empower Entrepreneurs

The Microbusiness Empowerment program provides deserving Dominican entrepreneurs with the merchandise, equipment, tools and training they need to start, run, and grow their own small business. The program has a 90% rate of success at the one year milestone of business operation.

Equip Christian Leaders

Dominican Advance works to equip and encourage pastors, schools teachers, and other Christian leaders through workshops, conferences, intensives, and one-on-one encounter sessions. 

Become Part of the Team

Effectively Showing Compassion

Compassion sees need and reaches out to meet it. Unfortunately, without knowledge and wisdom, compassion produces frustration and limited results. Dominican Advance believes that after examining our programs you will find us worthy of your sponsorship, grant or gift dollars.

Engage Your Talents and Energy

Many people today are free to travel and want their lives to make a difference. Dominican Advance welcomes people who desire to volunteer to help build a brighter future for the Dominican people. For more information on how you can make a personal contribution, please email us at