What is Microbusiness Empowerment?

The Microbusiness Empowerment Program gives a hand-up to diligent Dominicans who long to own their own business. Better than a bootstrap, the program not only puts material resources into the hands of qualifying Dominican, but also provides them with the business knowledge and supervision they need to maximize their chance for success.

The program consists of a unique six-week course on how to start, run, and grow a small business. At the conclusion of the course, merchandise, tools, and equipment are supplied to the budding entrepreneurs in agreement with their business plan. A three-month period of supervision in the field follows.

To donate to the Microbusiness Empowerment Program go to the Donate Online page. For more information about the program, email us at info@dominicanadvance.org

 Four Steps to Microbusiness Empowerment


STEP 1: Interview & Approval

The candidate makes application based on the referral of his or her pastor. At the time of application, the candidate is interviewed as to their business plan, experience, and aptitude to start a new business. After the interview, candidates are selected by a board based on how well they are positioned to succeed at the business they want to start.

STEP 2: Attending the Course

Dominican Advance's microbusiness course is uniquely crafted to instruct, inspire, and equip the budding entrepreneur for future success. Classes include: "Sound Money Management", "Getting & Keeping Clientele", and "Turning Your Business Over to God". Course attendees are taught how to define their product or service, their market, goals, and competition.

STEP 3: Setting Up the Business

At the conclusion of the course, each candidate receives their own business mission statement and a certificate of course completion. Then, merchandise, tools and/or equipment is delivered to the business sites and the new entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to put into practice the principles they've learned from the course.

STEP 4: Follow Up Stage

After the fledglng business has "opened its doors" - there is a three month period of follow up that reinforces what was taught in the course. This maximizes the possibility of a successful business start. During this stage, the candidate attends two follow up meetings before being released to discover the joy of owning his or her own business!


Dominican Advance has a 90% success rate at the one year milestone of the new businesses started by people who have gone through the Microbusiness Empowerment program.