Ten years ago, we were moved by the sadness in the eyes of our children to do something something special for them at Christmas time. We saw they had no joy, no hope, and little to look forward to. We knew their parents were too poor to do anything at all for them so we decided we could meet that need and bring them hope and a celebration at Christmas. Over the years, the program has grown and become something children wait for all year long.

Christmas Hope gives quality Christmas gifts to impoverished children to help them realize their worth before God. Every child deserves a celebration and a gift and we make sure our children feel appreciated. We throw a huge Christmas party, complete with clowns, music, dance, and singing competition, and each child gets a special gift for Christmas. It is the most joyous day of the year!

To donate online, go to Christmas Hope on the Donate Online page or mail your donation to the corresponding PO Box address below. For more information about Christmas Hope, email us at info@dominicanadvance.org,